Do you long for neighbors who ‘borrow’ a cup of sugar
and know just when to visit?

If you’re a Seattleite missing out on cherished neighborhood experiences, you might be thinking:
“Something should have developed by now – maybe it’s just my street…?” 

Have you asked your friends?!
It’s not just your street.

The very same culture capitalizing on your hunger for connection with product after product and event after event, is what keeps your neighbors “so close and yet so far.”  You’re living a normal urban lifestyle… and somehow you’re spread thin just keeping up on basics.  You can’t say you’re completely free of existential anxiety, ADD, and FOMO (fear of missing out — Yes!  That’s a thing!)

You are hungry for impact, or influence, or societal change.
Perhaps that’s because you don’t see enough others doing/thinking/being enough.
You don’t experience ‘enoughness’.
You don’t feel ‘enough’.
You try to do more, be more, give more, but it’s never enough.


Enough of that!



You are not struggling alone.

Where does a great day in a balanced life begin?

 Every morning,
within 100 yards of your pillow,
200 innocent people awaken on theirs–

many with dreams of helping & healing this world
…dreams like yours…


Do you believe it’s possible
for you to have 5 neighbors to call on
for a cuppa or a hug
— without having to explain why, first?

You know it’s possible.

I have a dozen.

Getting there is challenging and fun
–in ways you might not expect.

No thanks?

If you’re not 100% sure knowing neighbors would make you happier, click here for a free and helpful questionnaire.  (It’s an independent, 3rd party thing – nothing to do with me.  I’d be thrilled if you’d email me your results!)

Yes please…

If you’re eager for neighborliness, don’t contrive a distracting project.  Don’t start asking to borrow sugar you don’t actually need.  Don’t start a community garden unless you actually love gardening.  Excuses can take on a life of their own and end up in the way of feeling closer to those who live closest to you.

I invite you to check some boxes on the top-right and get your Welcome Package, instantly.  It’ll help you get clear on what a healthy neighborhood (and life) looks like for you, on your own terms.

What is in your Welcome Package?

  1. You need proof the world nearby you is more than worth your while.  You need solidarity…  and a vacation from that cultural “broken record” berating us all: ‘not enough’ ‘not enough’.  You need:
    1. good examples
    2. tiny steps you can take that pay off in big ways.
      Your Welcome Package includes such content arriving in your inbox about twice monthly (from which you can, of course, unsubscribe).
  2. Get beyond your pet peeves.  You’ll get support finding words for what irks you, what inspires you, what stops you or helps you get on well with neighbors.  I am on the other side really listening, friend.  Your Welcome Package tells you in what ways (and why?!) I so eagerly want to hear from you.
  3. You don’t need my manifesto.  You need something much more personal, subtle, and real –something entirely your own.  You need to hear yourself spontaneously respond to the same 5 questions I ask every neighbor I’ve gotten close enough to to ask.  Let me ask you those questions in a free audio included in your Welcome Package.  It’s like a neighborly pie on your doorstep, but sweeter (and trimming)!  Your responses will endear yourself to yourself.  Find all the courage, clarity, & joy a purposeful neighbor needs.  Find it in your own words.  Your own utterances, recorded, will be a resource you’ll cherish no matter where you live… for the rest of your life.

So get out your voice recorder…

or pen & paper…

or (at least pretend to) crack your knuckles, if you type, typist, you!

because you’ll want to capture the gems & insights that fall from your mouth
as you recall what it’s like to come home to yourself.

Your Welcome Package awaits you.  Just at the top of the page.




And (I almost forgot) I’m currently trying out an extra surprise— a sweet neighbor-ice-breaker already ready to go.

And (because I’m honestly learning how to best help, step-by-step) if you’re not getting your Welcome Package, above, would you be willing to teach me why not (or why not now), here below?  Thank you!

In delighted service,


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