Do you long for neighbors who ‘borrow’ a cup of sugar
and know just when to visit?

If you’re a Seattleite missing out on cherished neighborhood experiences, you might be thinking:
“Something should have developed by now – maybe it’s just my street…?” 

Have you asked your friends?!
It’s not just your street.

The very same culture that capitalizes on our hunger for connection makes our neighbors seem “so close and yet so far.”  They/we are all so very busy, each trying to meet all of our social needs independently — elsewhere!  On land and online, you might suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) on top of feeling spread thin trying to simply keep up on the basics.  Should we be grateful for our first-world problems?  You would never wish this feeling not-enough on future generations  –you sure didn’t wish it on yourself, exhilarating as it seems…

On top of all this: it’s tough to follow through on commitments to life-balance!  The way we view time, relationships, transportation, etc. are part of a larger, cultural context that keeps pulling your attention away from centered balance.  You are not struggling alone!



Where does a great day in a balanced life begin?

 If, every morning, within 100 yards of your pillow,
200 people lay on theirs…

many dreaming the same dreams as you…


Do you believe it’s possible
for you to have 5 neighbors to call on
for a cuppa or a hug
— without having to explain why, first?

You know it’s possible.

I have tens.

Getting there is challenging and fun
— often in surprising ways.

No thanks?

If you’re not 100% sure knowing neighbors would make you happier, click here for a free and helpful questionnaire.  (It’s an independent, 3rd party thing – nothing to do with me.  I’d be thrilled if you’d share your results with me!)

Yes please…

If you’re eager for neighborliness, don’t contrive a distracting project.  Some things take on a life of their own and only get in the way of feeling close to those who live close.  How do you know whether a community garden, for example, is your heart’s deepest desire, or a crutch?  I invite you to first experience what a healthy neighborhood (and life) would mean for you so you can recognize success on your own terms.

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