Listening Slowly

Isn’t this a gorgeous audio clip?  (2 seconds is enough time to know what I mean)

It’s the sound of crickets at normal speed, plus the sound of crickets slowed down to the point that they sound like a choir, and one soprano opera singer accompanying. From what I hear, I conclude that all kinds of otherwise inaudible-to-us pitches entered our range of attention when the speed was diminished, and the ‘silence’ we normally hear between chirrups turns out to be brimming with notes outside our normal range of hearing.


I like to think that our brief utterances of hopes and dreams, needs and wishes are like crickets’ seemingly intermittent, otherwise silent-sounding chirps; perhaps words are the lowest-frequency, farthest-carrying sound that our life-force can make without becoming actions.  One who listens at the right pace can hear and accompany the lovely harmonics between our exclamations, mumbling, and chatter, so that we make more sense together than we do apart.  One who sees at the right pace can observe and join us in our never-ending dance.  


There are ways to develop an eye and an ear for the music between comments, and hear community’s song, hear what beauty we call one another forth with.  I aspire to learn to listen at the speed of Earth, starting with that of a small patch.  This is the mission of everything we do at Neighbors on Purpose.

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