Briana Barrett-Squirrel ~ Curriculum Vitae

Relevant Education & Training

  1. Community Building for Multiple Victories  –   Pomegranate Center  – 5-month course – 2010
  2. Nonviolent Communication – workshops, ongoing practice group, coaching – since 2006
  3. Local Resilience Training – ‘Transition Town’ away from oil dependency – Bill Aal – 2008
  4. Dynamic Self-Governance training, ongoing coaching & education, summits   –   since 2008
  5. Contemplative Coaching – studied under EnteleosTMfounder – practice it with clients – since 2006
  6. Courses in holistic, heart-centered business development – Tad Hargrave & Mark Silver – since 2006
  7. Crowdfunding –  took this workshop before co-launching – very educational   –   2014
  8. Teaching Certification & professional development – WA Deptartment of Early Learning – 2006-09
  9. Masters/Bachelors+ of Applied Sciences – INHOLLAND University, the Netherlands – graduated 2005
  10.  Self-organized unconventional, paid thesis yearabroad(in the USA, not Holland)at Harvard.
  11.  Published thesis work revealing a gene vital to 10% of all cancers in Nucleic Acids Research.
  12.  Improved curriculum as 4-times-elected collaborative class representative.

At INHOLLAND University’s 4-year degree program,

  • requisite competencies included presenting, facilitating meetings, plain-speak, minute-taking;
  • advancement required operative appreciation of diversity, learning styles, & communication;
  • sociocratic* self-governance & emergent, collaborative project development were the norm.

Relevant, Paid Experience

Business Development & Administration

  1. R&D on distributed VRM technology: a HIPAA-compliant social network where holders own their data privately & choose what to display to whom (more comprehensive than – since 2013
  2. Business Development – the No-Fault Zone® game to ease life’s toughest conversations – since 2013
  3. Facilitated ‘executive team-building drama’ events, business- & web dev. for Feestvarken – 2002-5

Contemplative Facilitation & Behavioral Change beyond my private Life-Balance Coaching clients

  1. Parent support group facilitator & childcare worker at St. Andrews’ – since 2012
  2. Undoing taught/coerced/unnatural movement in families at Our Dancing Village – 2011-12
  3. Helped over 300 people quit smoking through brief interventions at Alere Wellbeing – 2010-11
  4. Preschool teacher at Learning Tree Montessori – 2005-06
  5. Teacher co-designing and implementing holistic curriculum at Whole Child Learning Center – 2007-9

Education & Outreach

  1. Professional development trainer at state Educators of Young Children (WAEYC) conference – 2009
  2. Fundraising, demonstrating, and public awareness raising (for 4 years, fundraised enough to pay ourselves to do Youth Summer Camp annually, taught dog owners beach scoop laws, demoed ostrich egg incubators, recruited volunteers, sold realty, newspapers, candy, home decorations…)
  3. Customer service every weekend in a small shop where I grew to be manager of 4 staff by age 18.
  4. Winner– Film– Civic Relevance Award – Seattle Center’s visionary “Next 50” competition – 2012
  5. Winner– Business Planning– Most Innovative – Social Entrerepeurship (SocEnt)Weekend  – 2012
  6. Winner– Writing– 50K words on immigration & creative class – National New Writing Month – 2013

Relevant Awards

  1. Winner– Film– Civic Relevance Award – Seattle Center’s visionary “Next 50” competition – 2012
  2. Winner– Business Planning– Most Innovative – Social Entrerepeurship (SocEnt)Weekend  – 2012
  3. Winner– Writing– 50K words on immigration & creative class – National New Writing Month – 2013

Neighborliness Research & Role-Modeling

Example 1     Neighbors On Purpose    –     “Making home ‘sweet’ home”     –     since 2009

  1. Help neighbors discover their neighborhood vision – using a guided inquiry process I now teach!
  2. Of 250 households I’m known to, I know 50+ by name – I get hired/refer work to neighbors often.
  3. Fundraised & renovated a garage into a Neighborhood Resource Center with the help of volunteers.
  4. Receive gifts of food, gardens, clothes, furniture, funds from neighbors “in support of all you do.”
  5. Connected a neighbor to a happy, long-term, caregiver-volunteer next-door, so she can age in place.

Example 2  Block Party Wedding – 2012 – Because I invited neighbors in person, they ecstatically gifted:

  1. Decorations: Children gathered 100% of flowers from actively consenting neighbors’ yards.
  2. Dress: A neighbor tailored wedding gown, others gifted and loaned me accessories.
  3. Ceremony: Guests (mostly neighbors) sang wedding march a-capella to unite me with my groom mid-circle, and the other wedding ditty at ‘the kiss,’ before collectively parading around the block.
  4. Music: Neighbors sang wedding march a-capella while I emerged from our apartment to join groom in circle, and la-la-la’d the victory ditty at “the kiss” before collectively parading around the block.
  5. Simplicity, Food, Everything: Abundant potluck, cake with back-yard raspberries, cake stand, tables, chairs, tablecloths, massive decorations, chalk announcements on every corner within 100 yards, surprisingly generous gifts & funds (we’d asked guests to abstain!) …and zero carbon footprint.
  6. Continuation: 100% say ‘Best wedding I’ve attended in my whole life!’ – Some plan similar weddings.

Unpaid Activities & Interests


  1. Seattle City Council requested our Carbon Neutral planning (birth of e.g. Seattle Greenways) – 2010
  2. Leader/facilitator Transition Towns & Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound – since 2007
  3. Facilitated many book groups & meetings using myriad tools, methods, modalities – since 2006


  1. Arts for Social Change – emergent Folk School for Social Art history & development – since 2014
  2. Asset-Based Community Development – Senior Services’ conference Aging Your Way – 2014
  3. Inhabit, a neighborliness & faithconference – as featured humanist peer to pastors – 2012 & 2014
  4. Open Engagement conference for Artists in Social Practice – Portland State University – 2013
  5. Compassionate Seattle, Happiness Survey, Compassionate Action Network – since 2008


  1. On the Commons & Yes! magazines, Facing the Future curriculum guides, NPR, JuiceRapNews…
  2. Holistic human & cultural development, transposing/re-interpreting for different learners/goals.
  3. Worked, studied, and lived in the Netherlands, including studies in 6 languages and developing a knack for anthropology-through-immersion (12 years) after starting life in Canada (first 10 years).




Passionate life-balance coach who advocates for and teaches neighborliness:

  • 22-year track record in acting, sales, service, teaching, presenting, marketing, and public speaking.
  • Big-Picture motivated, detail oriented, and with a holistic facilitator-engineer-designer’s win-win-win, triple-bottom-line attitude.
  • Collaborative project developer with strong team ethic and excellent communication, facilitation, annotation, and inclusion skills trained by world leaders such as John Buck, Sura Hart, Alan Seid, Joe Shirley


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