Briana Barrett ~ Curriculum Vitae


  • self-education: Resiliency~Durability~Sustainability, Ecology, Economics, Sociology, Spirituality, Psychology, and Marketing
  • Community Building for Multiple Victories, Workshop by the Pomegranate Center (Issaquah, WA)
  • WA state Teaching Certification, + 3y professional development, Department of Early Learning
  • internship in Feeling Psychology (psychology using scientific method) (1 year)
  • academic scientific research in DNA repair and immunology (see Experience)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S., 4 year degree) in Biochemistry at Inholland University, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands (thesis at Dana-Farber, Boston, MA)



Full-time commitment to the transition of Seattle to a Carbon Neutral City (~2 years)  Sample projects include:

Teacher in 2 Montessori schools, co-designing and implementing holistic, learner-centered, emergent curriculum (3 years)

Educator to educators: taught 2 workshops at Washington State’s annual professional development training conference for WA Educators of Young Children (WAEYC)

Full-time sabbatical for self-study (1-year)

Academic research on human biological integrity and resilience mechanisms (3 years)

  • published in Nucleic Acids Research (found the gene/RNA/protein to knock out 10% of all cancers (the other 90% can be knocked out by knocking out telomerase) in the future, when (hypothetically) viruses can be used to specifically infect cancer tissue without spreading)
  • gene sequencing, immune-system genotyping in service to research on (auto-)immunity, pregnancy, and microchimerism at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • presented research upon request by stem cell experts at the University of Washington
  • chromosome integrity and DNA repair/recombination studies at  Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Worked, studied, and lived in the Netherlands, including studies in 6 languages and developing a knack for anthropology-through-immersion.  (12 years)



  • 20-year track record in acting, sales, service, teaching, presenting, marketing, and public speaking
  • Detail oriented, Big-Picture motivated, with a triple-bottom-line orientation and the mindset of a holistic programmer/engineer/designer
  • Self-directed collaborator with strong team ethic and excellent communication skills
  • Degree includes training in speaking, presenting, note-taking, meeting facilitation, and collaborative project development


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