Don’t Just Follow Your Passion

Here’s the last 3 minutes of a TEDx talk titled:  Don’t Just Follow Your Passion; a Message for Generation Y

And here’s a transcript:

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about following our passions, is that it doesn’t mean anything to follow our passions, if it isn’t in the service of others.  And so, we need to spend just as much time discovering what our passions are, as we spend understanding the needs of the community we live in – that’s where the true potential lies.  There’s a quote by a theologian named Friedrich Brunner, who said that your vocation is where your passion meets the world’s greatest need.

“Your vocation is
where your passion
meets the world’s greatest need.”

I like to think of it as simple economics, where your passion is the supply, and the world’s need is the demand, and we need to find that sweet spot – that intersection between the two.  It’s not about choosing our passion, or choosing to *not* follow our passion – it’s really about marrying our passions to a greater purpose in the communities that we live in.

And in just 60 more seconds, Eunice Hii blew me away with her humility.  Awesome.


I will restate this in an affirmation, which I can’t say is true at every moment, but it is my desired reality, which I hope to realize by inhabiting the tension between reality an my intention (that’s what affirmations are for).  I affirm:


I love spending just as much time discovering

what my community needs,

as I spend in pursuit of personal passions.

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