Exploratory Conversation

These are 30-minute conversations over coffee in a public place…IMG_1614 no strings attached.  I’d love to listen to you sort through your feelings and help uncover your deeper needs & desires.  Let me help you weigh possible plans for being where you want to be within a timeframe that excites and supports you.

If my services happen to be part of that plan, you will need 5 extra minutes to learn how to sign up for them, and 10 more to make sure you go home with homework to do before your first session.  To set up your free exploratory conversation, contact me.

Nothing you decide that day is binding or anything.  Typically, people who are a match sign up for my 6-sessions-to-success package, but as long as you are committed to your goal, you’re equally welcome to take it one session at a time.

Shop Around!

Before you pay any support person, ever, ask them for a free exploratory conversation.  Any coach worth their salt offers these, because client-coach relationships must be a good fit for all involved.  Since each relationship is unique, there is not a single support-person in the world who is able to assist ‘absolutely anybody’.  You and your trajectory are unique, and each practitioner is unique — even those practicing the same modality.

I suggest scheduling an exploration conversation each with 3 different coaches — ‘shop around’ at least a little!  If that sounds too overwhelming, I can recommend some people based on who you are and where you’re at.  I get no kick-backs or anything for referrals.  I enjoy being left with my best-matching clients  🙂


First things first: schedule your free, no-strings-attached exploration appointment by contacting me!  Why not today?

I welcome questions as well as feedback.

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