Chaos = Just Plain Love? Chaos Communications Congress

I riffed that off the quote “Peace is Organized Love” *)


The 30th annual Chaos Communication Congress, 

the hacker place-to-be between Christmas and New Years’, is themed by self-responsibility:

We all broke the Internet
by foregoing our civic duty

not to be a predictable populace.

Of those of us building a ‘GNU’ one (pun intended), many are there, in the flesh, rubbing shoulders.  Not my team, though  🙁   We’re developing strong functionality before we develop encryption-levels that will still depend on secure browsers, etc. for a fully end-to-end secure experience.  In my book, it’s good that not all ingredients come from/depend on one team, so that as they become outdated, parts can be upgraded independently.  As innovators, we are ALL working on this together, and must, as users, continue in that vein: no matter what technology seems to ‘solve’ – we are all responsible.


Here’s 2 posts about the keynote at the 30th CCC, by journalist Glen Greenwald (#Snowden, #PRISM).  Here’s my summary, and here’s the report urging you to just watch it by Cory Doctorow.


To end on a similar note as I began, I will give the actual quote:

Peace is organized love. War is organized hate. If we work as hard to bring about the organization of love as we do of hate, we would see the number of wars decrease and the toll of domestic violence.”

*) I’m not sure whether that’s a quote from Dr. Maria Montessori or Gandhi, whose satyagraha, non-violent resistance (the moral force which is always stronger than physical force) Montessori studied.  I consider myself a student of both of these teachers, as well as Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.  Great teachings for sacred activism.




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