Is Your Data Public Property?

There are arguments to be made that trusting the world at large is best, and not to let fear dominate us or hamper us in exercising our rights to free speech.  There are counter-arguments that say we must not be foolish and tempt abusers, or forget that some of us are not free to share, will be oppressed or discriminated against based on outdated biases, gossip, stories and police records that shouldn’t matter anymore and things that should be forgiven or forgotten after a period of grace.  Basically, the latter argument states that we are not all free to exercise free speech, due to fear from each other, future employers, or, in some cases, (potential) government(s).  Which is absolutely the case, when ‘we’ is international.


With that question as backdrop, and not arguing one way or the other for or against Big Data, I recommend reading this article regarding the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for her decades of research on the Commons.  The article explains the word ‘Commons’ and the misunderstanding known as ‘the Tragedy of the Commons.’


What technological abilities do you wish you had, that would enable you to offer your data as part of the commons, yet put you in a position to help make the rules?

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