No “Service,” Please

Even if search engines and media are not being used to profile everyone or to spy on business deals (and exacerbate Wall Street-backed problems) …just the ‘service’ of getting ‘tailored to’ through (more tempting) personalized ads and (more-like-I-have-said-I-am-in-the-past-)skewed search results ‘as a service’ is damaging IMHO.


Engraving The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré (1865)  “Babble-on”

What we need even more than an economy, is a reason to live.  Without belief in each others’ goodness, life would not be worth living, IMHO.  We need to get along, not become more polarized.  With more and more different opinions (which are based on past experiences and the opinions of (imaginary) peers!)

We can’t expect to understand one another if we don’t realize that our online worlds (and their offline counterparts) look and work differently.  We need a chance of equality & truth  —  we need each other.


Just as an example of skewed and unfair realities that exacerbate problems and manage to make those same problems seem rediculous to those (neighbors/acquaintances) who would otherwise be our supporters in our hour of need:  Did you know that people who easily get addicted to gambling are charged for using the same sites that others ‘get to play on’ for “FREE”?!  We’re talking WORLDS operating differently.


This is all the -isms of the past in a new sheepskin called ‘marketing’ and ‘free services.’  Since context is so much of who we are, I wonder:

Where will we ‘meet each other in the middle’ – where is the middle – if we never cross paths online, and offline we fail to imagine how different each others’ world/worldviews are?  How will we even know what each other means by ‘security’ or ‘entitlement’ if our vocabularies don’t mean the same thing anymore?!  How can we practice democracy polarized?

I don’t have answers, and there are more questions.  But to me, it seems, individual empowerment is, paradoxically, about context, relationship, and the quality of communication possible with skillful means.

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This post was inspired by  — and the lively discussion there.  Solid questions from everyday people.  Well worth a look if you can access it.

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