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Find time for self-care & life balance.              Be the best neighbor (and person) you can be.



How is coaching like mentoring ?

Both are supportive structures for growing over time.
Both can be done over phone, Skype, in person, and even in combination with other activities (e.g. walking, cleaning, re-arranging furnture, going through emotionally challenging paperwork, etc.)
I only have a limited number of slots for both of these – I spend quite a bit of my time writing, tending to my personal village, and (of course) visiting neighbors!


How is coaching different from mentoring ?


Coaching is about growing more conscious about the way we move through life.  The coach need not be an expert on what the client wants to accomplish.  See a coach as a Transition Assistant.  Your coach is an expert on making transitions with ease & grace.  I am, coincidentally, quite accomplished in the work-life balance department!

Does finding time for self-care and life balance elude you?  If find yourself

    • hiding in busy-ness and not heeding your calling,
    • wanting a personal village that supports who you truly are inside, or
    • wishing you could change people and put your good heart to good use,

or anything like what I describe on the main page, call me.


Mentoring is more narrow in scope, more interest-specific.  It’s even more aligned with the books I’m writing than “getting the most out of life” in general.  I definitely want to meet you if you are ready to make neighborliness a priority.  Mentors are people from whom you wish to glean value because of their specialty, expertise, and expertise.

If you resist

    • laying down roots & belonging here & now,
    • breaking the ice with neighbors for fear of not being seen for who you are, or
    • facing your doubts & fears around being important by flying & driving to people who find you important… but secretly long to change your immediate world in ways that are convenient, synchronistic, and yield long-term results that keep on giving,

 I did, too.  You can plant your power firmly in the world you wish to see!


Why the difference in rates ?


It’s true: I coach at a flat rate, while I mentor with a more ‘gift-economy’ attitude.

Flat coaching rates are true to the old economy valuation method: all of my work is worth far more than $120/session.  It’s a fair price, though, compared to similar services that also leverage short hours to help us save lots of time, money, and energy by significantly improving one’s life in priceless ways.

Now, I instated a sliding scale of minimum mentoring rates to ensure that those special people who are making neighborliness into their personal wellness practice, have access to me at an indefinitely affordable rate.  This is the ‘new economy,’ where I take the specific change wish to see in the World into account when I construct my rates.  Now I get to see more of the people focusing on neighborliness!  That’s priceless to me!

Some of my clients ask for personal coaching before taking on the neighborly lifestyle they desire.  Once their life is more aligned with their internal desires, they transition to neighborliness mentoring — rates and all.



Although I’d love to meet you soon, my schedule can fill up

and I think it’s a good thing to give important things time.

So if you’re interested, feel free to contact me far in advance
of your desired
exploration conversation.


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