Below are my rates for Coaching, Mentoring, and Public Speaking, Workshops, & Performance services.

I always offer a free exploratory conversation, first.



Typically, people in a specific transition sign up for

  • Transition Assistance: a 6-sessions-to-success package
    $120 each or $599 when 6 sessions are bundled.
  • Ongoing coaching is 1hr+/session, pay-as-you-go.
  • Recommended option: one session per month
    plus weekly mini check-ins & ongoing support.

Description of coaching services.
Difference between coaching and mentoring.



 Annual gross household income     x                 2                        OR                     $28                      =    hourly rate
#   of    people   dependent   on   it           2000 hours/year              (whichever is greater)       for packages

Add 20% for non-package appointments.
Packages are similarly structured as coaching offerings.

More on parity pricing.
Description of mentoring services.

Difference between coaching and mentoring.


Public Speaking, Workshops, & Performances

I’m available for public speaking, workshops, & performances at a flat rate: $997.
Such events can have as many people in them as will benefit.


Intimate groups (<20 people) and any size group of neighbors who each live within 100 yards of one another get the discount price of $120/h.

More information.


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