Life-Balance Coaching

Celebrating your wisdom.

During times of transition,
it can seem impossible to establish the new life-balance you desire;
one that promises enough time
self-care and support.


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I’m not a Life Coach.  Life Coaches are great for holding one accountable to homework, which one implements by oneself, between sessions.  The challenge with hiring a Life Coach is that it’s easy to start seeing the commitments one made during sessions as ‘yet another task.’

Transition Assistance

During a transition from overwhelmed to balanced, who has time to sit and talk about change?  I’ve found that, while striking a new life-balance, many of us need any down-time we do have, to be ‘quiet-time.’  The support we need is most welcome while we work.
Therefore, my Life-Balance Coaching is unconventional.  You can, of course, opt for conversational sessions over tea.  Alternately, you can enjoy a therapeutic teammate, an ‘assistant’ thinking and working alongside you.  There are certainly situations in which talk-only is best/necessary, and I can help you discern which boat you’re in.  But I will ask you about combining life’s grossest or most mundane activities with the coaching you desire.  We can clean your bathroom AND clear up your sense of time-poverty at lasting levels, without separating the two.  Whatever we end up doing, our priority and focus is to bring about the quality of connection to yourself that brings forth life-balance from the inside, out.


Intensity Optional

Depending on your desired outcome, which we attain in 6 sessions or less, sessions average 1 hour.  If you so desire, longer-than-usual sessions are available for deeper work.  Daily sessions, or a whole weekend of certain types of work can be helpful, for example, for actually overhauling your office or art space.  Clients love coming out of a day-long sit of guided self-inquiry having demystified a disturbing mood (e.g. “that sense of despair” that watching the news brought on) and having freed themselves from its grasp.  The effects of this work cannot be underestimated: what was once the most distracting or nauseating experience becomes your greatest source of self-compassion and empowerment.
Of course, slow and steady has different merits.  Either way, we recommend 6 sessions for success.


The 85% Guarantee

No matter where or how we do your sessions, I promise you that after each and every one,
you’ll feel great about your progress & have fresh insights… and your homework will work for you,
After 6 sessions, we review the goals, the plan, & the relationship
to ensure you’re continuously overjoyed
with both the quality of the work, and (of course) with your outcomes.

If you do 85% of the homework, but you’re not 100% happy with your results 30 days after the 6th session, you get your money back.



Contact me with questions, and to schedule your free exploration.


Other services




In a free, no strings attached conversation, we explore what it would be like for you to have success in 6 sessions, and what your timeframe is for that success.  Should we choose to work together, we schedule accordingly:

  • Save $121 when 6 sessions are bundled:  $599.
  • Pay-as-you-go:  $120/session.
  • Budget deal: one monthly session plus weekly mini check-ins & ongoing support:  $250/month.



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