Be the best neighbor you can be
and attend to your own life-long learning
& personal growth.

Being your best self, being ‘only’ human, and being your longing, all result in your belonging.  I am here to support you in this journey home, ensuring home is where your heart is, and your heart is… ecstatic.

Being a Neighbor On Purpose is a powerful & psychologically enriching experience, and should be thought of more along the lines of Jungian self-development than the lines of community organizing!  I am not a certified psychologist.  I am a mentor-practitioner of inside-out love & exploration.

As unique as you are, and as different as your neighborhood is from mine, many of my hard-earned lessons transfer well, especially if your goal is to know yourself ever better.  Being a Neighbor On Purpose is like adopting an inside-out meditation practice.  Building emotional resiliency goes hand-in-hand with building social, economical, food etc. resiliency and a culture for all Beings to thrive.



Anyone walking this amazing path can have my undivided attention
at a minimum rate of ~2x what they earn/hour > $28.
(It takes me 2x the time to do all the back-end work to forge & maintain relationships with clients.)
It’s only fair that I earn the same amount as you do.
Parity pricing.


Done living “larger than life?”

A few years ago, I was.  I quit Phinney-Greenwood, Fremont- and ‘whole city’-scale groups when I noticed how few of us turned out, and how many burned out.  It was impossible for me to represent those absent without knowing them, and it would be unworkable if everyone turned out themselves.  It was a mock government.  Or a friends group wanting more friends.  What I found missing was a different level of engagement; a level personal enough to foster 100% inclusion, and respectful enough for all involved to be changed by experiences, not polled on issues.  I wondered: “What’s real for those who couldn’t come, or didn’t seem to care?”

I was eager to respond wisely to the twin solutions of Peak Oil & Climate Change, but that was just the kick in the butt I’d needed to make my calling a priority.  I had already learned, years earlier in a meditation, that I am here to cultivate World Peace on the scale of a child’s world.  And I remembered I’d already been denying myself my burning desire to be regularly gregarious (‘synchronistic’ transit situations and gatherings of like minds don’t really count.)  So I kicked my own butt.

As a result, I now cultivate a wealth of relationships within a block of my block. Others attend to a smaller patch of Earth.  Let’s find your sweet spot & stop spreading your love so thin!


Is mentoring for me?

If you are ready for questions like these, you are ripe for mentoring:

  • Isn’t the ultimate “change I wish to see in the World” for everyone to be enlightened?
  • How do I follow the Golden Rule while aspiring to be that change — whatever that means — without self-sacrifice?
  • How do I love unconditionally and specifically, and live my life ‘On Purpose’ without moving away to an intentional community?!

Difference between coaching & mentoring

Concrete outcomes

  • If you want to know yourself through a sacred practice…
  • If you wish the majority of people walking by would greet you with a ‘Namaste’ attitude…
  • If you dream of block-party weddings, parades through your streets, or raising a family in a strong, heart-centered, inter-generational community whose every action has butterfly effects on our culture, on democracy, and on future generations…


Let’s bring about your dreams!
Burn brightly & become a beacon — without ever burning out!

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