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You want the constructive feedback skills in your workplace to be so great that people sincerely thank each other for input.  So do we.  Let’s realize that and much, much more.

Since all skills are best honed in a low-risk, high-reward environment, neighborhood is the ideal playground for fostering people-skills… for success at work.

The soft skills leaders need at work are the same ones needed to weave neighbors into our lives.  Moreover, at work, we can pressure ourselves to ‘succeed’ to the degree that we fail to connect effectively and, as a direct result, fail in many areas.  Conversely, at home, our neighbors are surprised if we ‘connect’ well at all — happily surprised.  Being seen and heard by someone sincerely glad to be approached without agenda induces dopamine, which anchors learning and enhances access to our emotional intelligence.

When we teach ‘How to Enrich Your Life by Knowing 5 Neighbors’ – workshop participants get a lot out of it even if they see it purely as a metaphor for work.  Additionally, those who also seriously commit to and hold one another accountable to it, benefit on many more levels.  For instance: colleagues who aspire to common goals outside of work share a sense of solidarity that actually engenders better work.  What’s more:

When colleagues at the water cooler ask each other:
“How are you doing at getting to know 5 neighbors?” 
they’re relaxing
they’re practicing pressure-free peer coaching skills in the workplace,
they’re encouraging improvement of each others’
self-awareness, resiliency to stress, ability to deliver appropriate & effective feedback, etc.

…which makes them more effective, efficient, and intrinsically motivated
at home AND at work.

Show your team you respect & value their time: use it effectively.

We partner with experts in your field to tailor our trainings so they double as the kind of team-building,life-balance, and cultural competency sessions you can currently only dream of: wellness, fun, and education – all in one – without any embarrassing exercises.  CEUs available upon request.

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