“I look at my life and my projects in new, larger, & more original ways”
I like the way Briana’s mind organizes things.  She sees the Big Picture.  She sees how things fit in, or need to fit in.  She has such a holistic view, and definitely doesn’t get caught up just looking at the microscopic view.  She sees how it’s all connected. I like the way her brain works.  When I send something to her, I get something back that I never considered before.  She definitely encourages me to look at my life and my projects in new, larger, and more original ways.

Ilsa Olsen, Performance Artist, Founder of the first Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Committee, Member of Sustainable Greenwood-Phinney



Breakthroughs in neighborhood organizing”

Briana is one of the most original thinkers I’ve run across.  She has come up with some breakthroughs in how to organize neighborhoods that I haven’t seen before.  I’ve worked with many communities, intentional and otherwise, but she is very sophisticated in the way she goes about things, right down to how she orchestrates her posture and breath when she’s doing surveys.

John Buck, Author of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy, Certified Consultant, CEO of Governance Alive LLC


“Leading from within”

Briana leads from within, and empowers others to think and do for themselves.  She asks excellent questions.  Her irresistible invitations create a culture of curiosity.

Syd Fredrickson, Conference Coordinator at University of Washington Educational Outreach, current/former board member/officer on various nonprofit boards, including Homestead Community Land Trust, NW Intentional Communities Association, and Fellowship for Intentional Community



“An original mind”
Briana is one of the most original minds I have ever met.  A true genius.

Joe Shirley, Discoverer of Enteleos, a Feeling Psychology 


“Kindness & commitment”

Briana reminds me of the classic gospel tune, “this little light of mine”.  She lets her light shine brightly and inspires me and others around her to let our own lights shine.  When I met her I was immediately drawn in by her enthusiasm, kindness, and commitment to connecting to those around her in meaningful ways.

 Scott MacGowan, Owner at Homegrown Organics, Lead Cat at Alleycat Acres